Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Weird, weird, weird.

The serious amateur or academic would first note the Cliff Bar wrapper as an obvious plant -- my favorite snack food is actually whale blubber wrapped in bacon and served with Mt. Dew Kickstart.

Another tell-tale giveaway that the above photo is a carefully arranged still-life rather than a work space is the Pilot rollerball, as everyone knows I only use a Crayola Electric Lime writing instrument.

But the most recent desktop tsunami of change is that I've cut the chord -- gotten rid of that strange object to the left of the computer monitor. Yes, until recently I've used an old fashioned telephone, one with no other functionality, for talking.

I realize I am way late to this party, but am glad to have made the transition before becoming a grandfather.

Not only have I cut the chord, but I've also become That Tech Guy as I recently received a Bluetooth watch-phone as a gift (thanks Bob!). Now my wrist buzzes with calls that I used to have to reach across my desk to handle.

Progress marches onward as I now say the same things but over a much more high-tech device. Can't argue with the extra real estate on the desktop, more room for marine mammal treats.

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