Tuesday, August 20, 2013

“Warm Bodies” Film Review

Nicholas Hoult  and Teresa Palmer star in this year’s feel-good zombie thriller.

A bit of the “The Walking Dead” combined with “Romeo and Juliet” best describes this zombie thriller in which a star-crossed zombie falls in love with a living girl.

As improbable as this sounds the movie was a nice lesson about human relations and we all agreed a great family movie, with the exception of our 8-year-old son who panned it probably because everyone else liked it. Or perhaps the kissing at the end might have been too much.

Our family appreciates a good zombie movie and this one had the unique spin in that much of the tale was told from the zombie’s point of view. The story begins long after the zombie apocalypse with the boy zombie describing what the undead do day after day in a voiceover.

Despite the scary monsters, a feeling of comedy kept spirits high, especially with Rob Corddry as the boy’s friend. One of the main dramatic points turned out to be an overbearing John Malkovitch playing the girl’s father.
One of the reasons I suspect my 11-year-old daughter liked the film so much was that it gave her some actionable intelligence – if one considers all boys zombies such goes a long way to explaining certain behaviors. 

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