Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Favorite Articles Of Clothing #1

I had wanted to start this series with a more dignified article of clothing, but as I am lazy and the surf trunks were right there, I brushed the Cheetos crumbs off my chest and began the laborious process of getting up off the couch.

This series was started by a visit to my mother’s house on the East Coast – a place that is certainly another planet far, far away from Portland, and one where the inhabitants are more formally attired. My mother is a well-dressed lady who wants the best for her slovenly son, and is not afraid to speak her mind. I acknowledge her point that I may indeed need some self-improvement in this regard. 

To start this project I decided I needed to understand which articles of clothing I cherished most and why, then perhaps the flaws in my thinking could be more readily understood and workarounds developed.

I bought the above surf trunks more than 10 years ago at a time when I actually surfed. The long cut were designed to protect men’s legs from the adhesive properties of surf wax and the garment has a strong current of functionality – double snaps, strong Velcro, and heavy nylon material.

I like the authenticity of the garment, a feeling that these were made for a specific pursuit and no compromises were made for it to serve that purpose. For example, there is only one small pocket on the side of the right leg, presumably for a small chunk of wax. When I swim, the trunks become plastered against my body and no water is caught in the waistband or pocket.
The trunks have worn incredibly well, with the dark blue of the nylon fading only slightly over the years. Plus the red stripes were sewn on, so they have retained good color as well. 

Beyond the sentimentality of the nice times I’ve had wearing them, comes the satisfaction that they have served their purpose with style.

Stay tuned as I continue my wardrobe analysis later this week.

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