Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Favorite Articles Of Clothing #3

I do wear T shirts most all the time. To reconcile this painful truth I tell myself that most of these shirts are pocket Ts rather than undershirts, and that because they have no visible logos or messages printed on them this somehow makes it all okay.

So when I leave the Blog Cave I usually need to wear something extra as I live in a temperate climate. The above canvas jacket is my go-to for much of the random activity I pursue around Portland.  Inside pockets allow the phone to be handy without breaking the clean lines of the jacket’s cut. With my jacket worn over a black crew-neck shirt or sweater, I feel ready for the cameras to pull in tight to let the monologue begin.

This feeling is enhanced when I smoke Gauloises in my imagination.  I inhale deeply with a pensive look to the sun setting over the Mediterranean, before gently releasing the breath and realizing I’ve spilled Earl Grey on myself again. 

Like all clothing in this series, casual is king. The jacket imbues the functionality of a traditional sport coat with an energetic modernism.
That and it was on sale at The Gap sometime in the last decade. At least I’m not wearing a mullet ironically. 

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