Friday, August 16, 2013

My Favorite Articles of Clothing #4

 I don’t follow a sports team. But if I did I imagine the feeling of wearing my team’s jersey to the stadium would be similar to the one generated by wearing my Denali Jacket around Portland.

To say this is a ubiquitous item in the Northwest is an understatement along the lines that Lance Armstrong had a teensy-weensy problem with EPO and truth-telling.

The jacket makes me feel like a soggy everyman in these climes, especially when paired with a ball cap of any ilk.

The jacket is plenty dorky looking, all technical functionality with its four zippered pockets and pit zips. But if wilderness chic is your thing (yes!), this is the Chanel suit of multiple generations –the Denali Jacket first premiered in 1988.

I’ve owned my jacket for several years and have tried to destroy it with hard use. Perhaps the fleece has pilled a bit, but it looks pretty much the same as when purchased owing to a superb overall design – a nylon yoke and elbow patches smoothing over the heavy abrasion places. 

The North Face has capitalized on the jacket’s longevity and now offers a build-your-own on its website, with customizable zipper pulls, logo stitching, and label, as well as the more obvious choices.

I’ve owned many fleeces, but only one Denali Jacket. And if you see someone wearing the above garment, statistically it will not be me.

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