Monday, April 22, 2013

Feats of Strength on the Oregon Coast

Even with two of them they couldn't be too loud. "Let's keep on the lookout for large, heavy objects."
This past weekend we went yurt camping at South Beach State Park in Newport, Oregon. We had a fun time eating s'mores and hiking around the impressive jetty.

Camping is fun. The fun part, for me, is being able to challenge the kids to be as hyper and loud as possible. At home I'm always shushing them, or telling them to calm down. Out on an endless expanse of beach I like to yell, "Use your Outside Voices!"

I even encourage them to pick things up and throw them down, or whatever they want to do. So what did they want to do? Here's the answer:

I'm the dad fussing with the camera.

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