Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thought-provoking Artwork Created By Child - But Not In The Way You Think

Note the Peace and Love shirt -- perhaps it is worn ironically.
In art class my daughter had the assignment to create an animal sculpture. Not having any good inspiration from the animal kingdom she made a sword with wings on it.

The sword is pretty cool, but the obsession with weaponry raises the question of do we allow our kids too many violent video games.

The simple answer is of course we do! This is America, after all.  But after a moment of reflection I realize more of an answer is needed. 

Because LSS and myself have resigned our parenting style to "permissive," any activity conducted short of nine hours is fine. It works like this:

Me: How long has the kid been playing video games?
LSS: Only a few hours.
Me: Not longer than nine hours?
LSS: No.
Me: That's okay then.

Somehow the nine hour mark has come to represent excess, but anything short of it remains merely a recreational digression.

Maybe this year we'll finally get them outside.

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