Monday, April 15, 2013

Concept of Hipster Bar Clarified By Dad

The above is merely used for illustration. I have no direct evidence that this bar, or those pictured in it, are, in fact, even remotely hip (posers!).
Last night our family was in a hipster bar. How do I know? Lots of craft brew, spotty service, old-timey crap on the walls, and a weird soundtrack that defies quick explanation. The usual tattoos and piercing were in attendance, but as this is Portland this doesn't mean much.

Asked by my daughter about hipster bars I spelled out some key concepts:
  • A hipster bar can't have too many hipsters otherwise it isn't "authentic." 
  • Old-timey crap on the walls can draw a hipster in like a moth to a flame, but usually because the hipsters are taking ironic enjoyment in the stuff.
  • A bona fide "authentic" beer like PBR needs to be on site amidst the micro brews
  • The place can't be lame
My daughter also pointed out that, being the Father Figure in the household, I have disqualified myself as a resource of anything hip, cool, or relevant. Amen to that.
This blog will resume Thursday. Just deal with it.

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