Saturday, July 10, 2021

Netflix Cat People


This is a still from the Cat People Netflix site

As academics and serious amateurs know, we here are nutty cat people.

So of course, we’re going to watch a show about other nutty cat people.

The problem has arisen that after watching a few episodes of the Netflix series Cat People we realize that we are just not nutty enough – either with our level of eccentricity or minimum number of cats (1).

I resist the urge to make every blog post about our therapy cat which may have something to do with the above problems. It seems I’m anchored too much to the non-cat world.

I suspect what I call nuttiness is normal for most who have cats as animal companions. A bazillion names for the critter, anthropomorphic narrative overdrive, terminal and absolute adulation for the creature as it does absolutely nothing, and the feeling that every photograph of something else is a picture wasted.

Today my mind wandered and I imagined myself being asked what my hobbies were: “Giving our cat an interesting life” was an answer that quickly sprang to mind.

As much as I hate being average, I realize we are average people with an average cat – an American shorthair tabby of medium size. Long live normalcy! Sometimes it just feels right. 

The average cat.

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