Sunday, July 18, 2021

Teenager Wants the Old Punk Trunk


In college I used a cheap trunk to transport/store an array of stuff spanning stereos to cycling gear, with the quotidian random bits of clothing in between.

I treated the trunk roughly, covering it with stickers, ripping out the flimsy lock that came with it and installing a hasp that could be padlocked.

The trunk made it to Israel and back in addition to the vicissitudes of academic life. And yes, that is a picture of Michel Platini, the sticker coming with a pair of cleats. That was back when Platini was a soccer star. In 2015 he was banned from involvement in football over ethics violations. C’est la vie.

I wanted to get rid of it as the trunk has more than served its purpose and is taking up space in the garage. The kid wants it, as it is a bomber piece of gear from the olden times. The kicker is that he has no room in his bedroom and wants to store it in the garage until the time arrives when it is needed.

C’est la vie indeed!

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