Saturday, December 26, 2020

2020: Just Get It Done and Gone

The aspect of 2020 is that I find most disturbing is how I became so quickly inured to multiple, ongoing layers of bad news and conflict.

For example, it’s not enough that a car wreck knocks out a natural gas transfer station, but it occurs in winter, during holidays, with freezing rain. And there’s a pandemic going on and, of course, Trump is wreaking mayhem.

I supposed I should have been used to this as this summer there were wildfires that blanketed the state in heavy smoke for a week. And there was a pandemic going on and, of course, Trump was wreaking mayhem. Positive note: nightly protests took a break until the air cleared.

Back in November, the Trump mayhem was more foregrounded as we feared he would stage a coup as he rejected election results. Although satisfying how all court cases, efforts to subvert, discard, nullify the electoral college failed, there was still the thought that millions of people cheered him on and felt such was the right thing to do – not to mention a major political party. And there was a pandemic, and the teenager hated remote learning with a passion usually reserved for war crimes.

Not that everything is black. I am grateful for an excellent team of caregivers who look after people I love.

Everyone in my bubble is healthy, if not crotchety (me!) from too much alone time.

The cat works overtime to provide us with philosophical insights about nature and laser pointers.

I know that the calendar clicking over to 2021 won’t magically bring change and better outcomes, but there’s a superstitious part of me that believes a new president, vaccines, warmer weather will lighten the mood.

I must remain true to this blog, which was a forum for stoke proclamation.

Better times Stoke!

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