Thursday, December 10, 2020

Can the Cat Be Moved?

 As we have three humans and one cat, there is much discussion how to relate to the animal.

We all agree that Stuart the cat should be loved and respected, but how this plays out causes debate. Mostly we all dote on the guy and all is well.

When I hit the finish line and plop down on the couch after dinner, I look around to see what the cat is doing. I have no qualms about finding the cat in other parts of the house and bringing him to the couch for a TV session. My wife says I shouldn’t pick the cat up and move him, as this doesn’t respect his independence of thought.

Last night we sat down to watch The Rachel Maddow Show without the cat, both of us looking around, hoping the cat was nearby and wanting to learn more about the breaking news of the day in a forthright, intelligent manner with a modicum of snark.

The thought of watching Rachel Maddow without the cat overwhelmed my wife, who reluctantly granted permission for me to retrieve the cat, who had no issues about a brief grooming before sleeping on our laps.

A cat isn’t a perfect stress-reduction recipe, but it is a step in the right direction.

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