Monday, May 13, 2019

I Become What I Mock

In the past I have criticized people on social media who posted their Strava rides/runs/walks way too frequently. I told everyone who would listen I had stopped using the app to clock my every movement, as I felt it was yet another method of virtue signaling that corrupted the original intent of the activity.

Then I signed up for the Round the Mountain 2019, a three-day hike of the Timberline Trail on Mt. Hood. I did it last year and suffered greatly. I want to do it again this year and suffer less, so I installed Strava to clock my longer walks so to become accustomed to journeys over 10 miles.

Last Saturday I had the wife drop me off at the Wildwood Trail where it intersects at Germantown Road. The road distance to this point from home was 9 miles, so I figured a few miles more would be total hiking distance back. After a few hours of walking I realized my mistake.

I had adequate food and water, the weather was perfect, and I could have bailed at many points along the way. Podcasts and playlists made my journey pleasant for most of the distance.

I expect academics and serious amateurs to give me crap for being a Strava-obsessed maniac, ruining the outdoors with tech and earbuds – but, hey, it was one awesome day.



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