Friday, May 10, 2019

Rare 2001 Portdaddia Document Located

In 2001, before I had a blog, I made lists to amuse and entertain, mostly myself. The above is my list of things to do surrounding the birth of our daughter.

Do not mention rotating blue hexagon during labor:
This was meant as a reminder to not be a smartass and make fun of all the woo-woo stuff we suffered through during our childbirth classes. Still, we had a doula and did all kinds of woo-woo stuff. We just did it really, really earnestly, leaving the commentary for later.

No sending of plush toys:
This was a real thing. We both agreed we would wait on having mountains of plus toys for a few weeks.

Be serious! Really
No explanation needed

It's your day, woman's day
This is a reference to the Peter Gabriel song "Woman's Day." I was being a smartass.

More mockery of the heartfelt sincerity offered to us by medical professionals in our childbirth class.

Flexidus -- movement of the shorty
Riff on the Bob Marley song "Exodus" -- I would sing the above lyrics when the kid would do an inter-utero kung-fu kick.

I'll leave it to the academics and serious amateurs to deliver my verdict.

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