Thursday, September 1, 2016

Added Responsibility Of High School Sorely Needed

The daughter getting on a city bus to go to school.

Today was the fourth day of the school year for my ninth-grade daughter. The new routine is that she sets an alarm, gets up and gets dressed, fixes her lunch, and keeps track of time.

I fix breakfast and check that she has, in fact, gotten out of bed. Based on past performance, this last bit is not insignificant.

The initial time budget of going to the bus stop was 10 minutes. We've now narrowed that to five, based on empirical research using actual functioning watches.

Today I forgot that our exit time was 7:10, being reminded at 7:14 it was time to go. Having her remind me of the time is one of those moments when I realized the world has completely changed -- in this case for the better.

I am confident that my walking her to the bus stop will be absurdly superfluous in a matter of days. At the moment I am finding the walk a quiet moment to breath some fresh air before starting my day.

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