Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In Space No One Can Hear You Fart - OMSI Delivers The Info

This is a replica of the toilet at the International Space Station.

I went to OMSI with my 11-year-old future astronaut to see Journey to Space: The Exhibition. The first item as one entered the hall was a thorough explanation of how one goes poop and pee in zero gravity.

I think this is part of the brilliance of the exhibit, as the curators have cut to the chase and clearly identified the question that everyone wants answered.

For those who may not see the exhibit, one sits on the toilet, using the black bars to hold one's body against the device. The tube with the yellow end is for urine from both men and women. Both receptacles have a suction of air to help ensure everything goes where it should.

The future astronaut simulates the call of cosmic nature.
Videos made by two astronauts, a Russian man and an American woman, explained the protocol and function of using the International Space Station toilets, showing off a large array of wipes and cleansers that one could choose from.

The curators took the public's fascination with bodily function and turned such into a learning moment, showing off the machine that recycles the urine into drinking water.
Pee recycler.
The poop gets jettisoned into the void of space where it is said it burns up on re-entry to our atmosphere. 

There were other, more scientific, aspects of this exhibit, such as jet propulsion, gravity, and the difficulty of working in the void of space -- all well worth the attention -- but I suspect the space toilet is the item people will think of first when they recall this exhibit.

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