Monday, July 18, 2016

Horse Buddies, Hell Yeah!

Last year when we drove to the coast, passing through rich pasture lands, my teenage daughter pointed to some horses and yelled, “Horse buddies, hell yeah!”

The joke was that she was adopting the persona of a young, exceptionally earnest horse enthusiast who knew not a shred of modesty.

We enjoyed the joke for a full year before realizing that all of us did indeed like horses, perhaps just not as much as our jest implied. We needed to ride.

Cementing our desire to get back in the saddle was the Bob’s Burgers episode about Tina going to horse camp. We figured if the fictitious Tina could ride a horse, so could we.

We went to the Double Mountain Horse Ranch and signed up for the ride called “Fruit Loop” – an appropriately named ride for our family.

Great horses, great people, breathtaking scenery, a truly exceptional day!

No riders or horses were harmed in the creation of this post.

I proclaim stoke for the horse named Blaze who good-naturedly allowed me to ride on his back. 

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