Friday, February 19, 2016

Tinker Time In Makerspace

littleBits are one of the fun things included in the school's makerspace.

My son wrote the following school blog post about creating things in the makerspace, where he discovered littlebits.

Tinker Time in the Maker Space:

You may have heard from your excited child about our school’s fabulous makerspace. If you haven’t, here is a quick summary:

Managed by the incredible MH, the Makerspace is a place to make students’ dreams become a reality. It forces your child to use their creativity, and great things come out. Before the Makerspace, places and supplies to use your creativity were very limited.

Our class is the first class to do TIM’S Time, which stands for Tinker in Maker Space. That acronym was smartly thought of by the fabulously brilliant XXXXXX, author of this blog post. TIM’s time is where every Monday, our class goes into the makerspace and tinkers around with the resources available. Before this, the Makerspace only allowed students who were doing a school project that required the resources from Makerspace. Now it's just part of school. We go into the Makerspace for half an hour, and make small but cool things with the materials there.

It has improved the overall class happiness level by 98% and gives children time to make things without a big project planned. If you force a child to build a bridge with your blueprint, they will not be motivated or happy to do that. If you let a child decide to want to build a bridge with their own plan, even if it’s trial and error, they’ll be motivated and happy to do it.

From the mouths of babes.

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