Sunday, February 21, 2016

Globetrotters Offer Fine Entertainment To Basketball Lightweights

Ace Jackson poses for autographs with the kids.
Last night we went to a Harlem Globetrotters event -- part theater, basketball game, physical comedy extravaganza, and disco. A good time.

Of course I knew of the Globetrotters, but I had never seen a show. I was thrilled with the athleticism of the players, the soaring dunks, trick shots, and high-speed passing and dribbling. A story was built into the performance, the villainous coach on the opposing team tried to use a fake rule book and other nefarious methods to win the day.

Not being a huge basketball fan I sunk into a philosophic mood, wondering about the message and the welfare of the players. Some of the teasing of the spectators didn't sit well with us, nor did the thought that this form of entertainment was born out of a racist America.

Still, Ace Jackson was a big hit with the kids. Ace was lightning fast and at only 5'4'' a great role model for the short women in the family.

Reading the press releases, I learned all the players are college graduates and receive a decent salary. They became Globetrotters not only to play basketball, but to be entertainers and ambassadors about hard work and dedication.

A few facts I did not know: 1) The first Harlem Globetrotters were from Chicago in 1927and chose the name because Harlem was considered the center of African-American culture; 2) The team actually plays serious basketball such as in 2006 when it played the NABC college all-stars (this is one of the few games the Globetrotters have lost). 

A good night out -- definitely worth the price of admission.

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