Friday, February 26, 2016

Daughter Sees Open Browser And Launches Comedy Barrage

This is a screen shot of my phone using the Wunderlist app for lists.

When I go to the market I open a browser and quickly type the list of food items into Wunderlist. When I get to the store the list is on my phone. I like using the app because once I put items into the basket I hit the check box on the phone screen and the item disappears from the list.

Today the Daughter was in a restless mood and chanced to see the Wunderlist open on my computer. She knew I was at the market so she set to work.

The app works almost like a texting app, transmitting the new list item in real time.

We had a truly hilarious back-and-forth before I told her to stop messing around and clean her room.

Some things never change!

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