Thursday, February 18, 2016

Modular Electronics Kit Excites 11-year-old

littleBits is a New York City-based startup that makes an open source library of modular electronics.
The kid came home from school excited about making stuff with an electronics company I had never heard of. littleBits kits provide small pieces of electronics, like circuits, motors, sensors, which snap together with small magnets.

The kid was so jazzed about doing really cool stuff that he spent his own money to buy a kit, a significant purchase.

From Wikipedia:

The company’s goal is to democratize hardware the way software and printing have been democratized. The littleBits mission is to "put the power of electronics in the hands of everyone, and to break down complex technologies so that anyone can build, prototype, and invent.

The other night he connected a sensor to a light so that it turned on when he blew on the sensor.

Very cool.
From the page describing what comes in one of the kits.

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