Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yes, Captain America Is Part Of Exhibit on WWII

No rank plastic crap, these are the real props used in the film.
The other day when I mentioned Captain America's shields were part of the Oregon Historical Society's exhibit on World War II I wasn't cracking wise.

At first I wasn't sure if their inclusion in such a serious and well-curated exhibit was necessary. But then I thought such was the right move as they linked the current Hollywood concept of the war to the actual conflict.

This is from the panel describing the shields:

The comic book hero Captain America debuted for Marvel Comics in 1941. The Superhero is the alter ego of Steve Rogers, a rather weak and sickly young man who is turned into a super soldier with the help of an experimental serum. Using his superpowers, he helps the U.S. military fight the Axis nations during World War II.

These shield were used in the 2011 movie adaptation of the comic books. The heater (triangular) was a prop shield used by Captain America during his tour to promote war bonds. The round shield was said to be made of the fictional metal vibranium, giving it the ability to absorb all kinetic energy.

Further reason to include the shields is that Captain America did fight the Nazis in comic book readers' imaginations in 1941.

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