Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Meltdown Vest" Now Relic Of Family Lore

Portdaddia is pictured here wearing the Meltdown Vest so as to be visible to passing cars on a recent walk.

I have a reflective vest that I wear for cycling and general visibility at night.

Many years ago a child asked in earnest about the purpose of this vest. I answered that this was a "Meltdown Vest," something a person wore when overcome with anger so others would know to stay away or attempt to administer emotional counseling. 

Now the vest is evidence for the kids of the mental trauma they received growing up. For the record, no child ever actually wore the vest while having a meltdown. Still, the kids continue to believe the vest is evidence of something and regard it with trepidation.

I hope I have not rendered the kids completely against proper safety at night.

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