Saturday, October 3, 2015

Son's Poem Titled "I Am A Millennial"

I am a millennial
I spend about 18 hours each week eating and about 28 hours playing video games
My favorite video game is Kerbal Space Program
I believe all humans are equal
I love water sports
There should be a banjo solo in the middle of every rap song
My goal is to help all of the people in need
I’m a great dancer
I like caving and climbing
I am made of flesh, bones, and pure amazingness
I have made a hologram
I am afraid of people with weird phobias
I’m tech savvy
I hate people who never think things through
Life's a jungle, I’m a sloth
If you were to put me in a room, why would you forcefully put someone in a room?
I enjoy many foods
I do not enjoy frozen yogurt
I wish my house had a low gravity setting
I love sloths, so when my parents announced a vacation in Costa Rica, I freaked out
I’m teaching myself Spanish
I am the one who produces content
Some of my favorite songs are:
Cherry Bomb by The Runaways,
Cat People by David Bowie
Enjoy What You Do by Wham
Ooh Child by The Five Stairsteps
Hell You Talmbout by Janelle Monae
Consoler Of The Lonely by The Raconteurs
I enjoy making music videos
I love Ping-Pong
From my opinion the stereotype of an American has an element of truth
I am an SNL historian (And enjoyer)

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