Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Hangry" Means Food Is Needed ASAP -- Sushi-go-round Excellent Solution

Sit, eat, problem solved.
Parents heed my advice, when a kid announces, or is discovered, to be "hangry" take action fast. Hangry is a fusion of the words hungry and angry. Although this condition sounds serious, taking quick action is the easiest way to avoid unmitigated disaster.

Generally the liberal application of food suffices to send this condition into remission.

One trick when dealing with the little hangriesters is to go to the sushi-go-round. For no sooner do they sit then they can start eating.

A good plan B is Mexican food as tortilla chips and salsa are often set on the table soon after sitting down.

Once the basic level of hanger is dealt with the little ones return back to their own cherubic selves.

Parents please keep in mind that although age has given you the right to drive and purchase alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, you, too, are susceptible to hanger so be aware!

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