Monday, August 17, 2015

Return To Space Ark Portland After Nice Vacation

The West may be the best, but there's plenty of good stuff on the other coast, too.
The family just came back from visiting relatives in the East. We are all cranky and jet lagged, but are feeling good from the happy frisson of friends and relatives.

BFTSM recently had seen a documentary about the Eagles and we watched part of it while vacationing. I knew scant few details about the boys in the band but now I do thanks to the amazingness of Netflix.

I understood that the main focus of the film was to explain how the music was created, thereby focusing on Don Henley and Glen Frey, but I found the stormy relations between the band members and their backstories to be the most compelling part of the narrative.

The footage from the 70s, the irrepressible band manager Irving Azoff, and some explanation to the songwriting techniques made for good entertainment.

I didn't have any actual Eagles music, so I added "Life In The Fast Lane" performed by a bluegrass ensemble for the soundtrack of the video.

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