Monday, August 31, 2015

Never Leave House Without Locking Computer - Kids Can Do Technology

The tale of the grocery list app.
Today I left the house to go grocery shopping. I use to create a list on my desktop computer that then syncs with an app on my phone.

My kids watched in real-time as I deleted items that I put in the basket. My son then began using the app to say "hi" and request items he knew I would not purchase.

The above screen shot is from when my daughter got involved. My general rule is that we don't eat dessert every night but if the kids want to spend their money on cookies and ice cream that is their business. I also won't purchase the dessert item for them even if they give me the money -- they have to come shopping with me.

My kids know this policy but still gave it their best shot.

When I checked out at the grocery store I have the store send an itemized receipt via email. The little rascals viewed that email and concluded that I had forsaken them as far as dessert was concerned.

In the future I will be more vigilant about my personal data!

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