Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Kid Reports On Oregon's South Coast

Some choice words from the kid's report on Oregon's South Coast.


One of the great things about living in rural places like the South Coast is, there is such a large industry, you can start a tourist trap (the gullibility industry), You can fish and farm (food industry), you can do boat rides or whatever (the special guy industry).

The world is your oyster (Coos Bay is the state’s largest oyster producer!)!

Secret Beach

Ah, Don’t you love relaxing at the beach, maybe swimming and body surfing, surfing, building a Taj Mahal sand castle, or just sun tanning?

Ah, and then come the people, peeing in the water, “Accidentally” knocking over your leaning tower of Pisa sand sculpture complete with tourists, and stepping on your food.

Well, not in the South Coast, the people that is. Thanks to the work of nature, there are many secret beaches for YOU (And your party).

In fact, there’s such a popularity of having your own secret beach, that if someone catches you on your secret beach, they’ll just find another one, and hopefully nobody will interrupt your Bloodstone Circle, especially not during Joselyn’s demonic howling.

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