Thursday, May 7, 2015

Daughter Feels Something Is Missing Without Earbuds

Earbuds are a fashion land mine -- choose the wrong pair and pay the price!
Over the winter I bought my kids some fancy earbuds. I've been told they have good fidelity, but, more importantly, they look great and are a notable brand.

I'm learning that school fashion has less to do with the brand of jeans the kid wears and more to do with the color and brand of the earbuds.

I, too, use earbuds, but am old and ridiculous in that I use the default pair that came with my phone -- they work fine and are white.

I suppose I could comment further, Andy Rooney style, about why all the fuss about earbuds blah blah and just increase my own personal pace of obsolesce. 

I am becoming more comfortable in my status as curmudgeon which is the role's first and foremost qualification. 

In my defense, we don't have any rotary phones around the house.

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