Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Piles of Gear Start To Be Assembled As Memorial Day Looms

A small taste of the mega collection of gear our camping trip requires.
The garage is getting mussed up as I start assembling the camping kit.

I love camping, even the bad parts, like having to sit out bad weather and dead cell phones. I enjoy the challenge of trying to bring the crucial items that will make everyone comfortable, but that will not cross any philosophical red lines -- I will not travel in an RV (unless, of course, it is someone else's RV then it's party on!). I suspect I am the only one in the family with philosophical red lines concerning camping.

Now I enjoy sleeping in a tent for a few nights perhaps because it makes me appreciate my bed at home more. There have been times when my tent was the place of ultimate rest and refuge. I once took a bike trip in New Zealand and logged over 90 days sleeping in a tent. I still yearn to return to such a relaxed state of mind.

The kids like the flashlights and campfires, s'more action, and green spaces.

Here's hoping for some good weather.


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