Friday, February 14, 2014

Kids Continue To Do Weird Stuff

Dramatic photo reveals kid re-enacting Bay of Pigs invasion with updated night vision gear. "This time the good guys get to win!"

If I knew what I was getting into when I became a parent, well, I would say, yay!

So far things have worked out pretty well. I realize that my tastes and opinions are not what the mainstream refers to as "normal." So how the hell am I supposed to have normal kids?

So the kids are doing weird stuff and I approve. Sort of. The problem occurs when the weirdness is directed in a way that does not meet my seal of weird approval. For example, the kids like watching videos of other people playing video games. I say make your own videos!

As I live in Portland, I'm a big believer in doing the weird stuff yourself and not being a passive consumer of generic weirdness.

At the moment both kids are sick with colds and coughs and so we're taking a break in artistic expression and settling in until the winds of health blow us back on course.

Until then stay tuned.

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