Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grattitude And Being A Middle-aged Parent Cyclist

Some relationships feel naturally right from the start.
I have gratitude for the important relationships in my life. You've heard this before several hundred times. I'm a daddy blogger and so I drone on about my kids and family ad infinitum.

But I have gratitude for other things, too.

The other day I was considering all the cool stuff I have in my life and I relized how much joy my bike stand has given me.

I've always prized having bicycles in decent working order. For most of my life I would work on them wherever possible with only a smattering of specialized tools. In the past few years declining eyesight and a stiff lower back would make it so bike maintenance would be a chore that would leave me grumpy.

Ponying up the bucks for a good bike stand not only saves my back, but the joy of tinkering has returned. Also, when I'm riding I can be a smug bike guy safe in my knowledge that I dripped oil on my chain not so terribly long ago.

There's life in a nutshell. Be the smug cyclist you want to be and leave the rest for commentary.

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