Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kids Pilloried At Colonial Williamsburg

Who knew punishment would be such a hit?

"Right back atcha!" says the kid who couldn't wait to be put in the pillory.
We had a great time at Colonial Williamsburg, interacting with characters in colonial dress, touring the historic architecture, and making the same remarks that generations of parents have made before, all the while thinking that we were the special someone who lit on the idea for the first time.

"Oh, so there was Pepsi in colonial times!" I heard BFTSM say. I then went on to point out that in those early years Wifi was but a dream in cranky Ben Franlin's opium-sodden brain.

Pants, Ben, pants! Please put your trousers on, I was prepared to say in the event of a character getting a bit too into the part. Cold weather most likely protected me from this scenario.

I geeked-out on the early post office, had some barbeque at a candle-lit tavern, and toured a plantation with historic breeds of pigs and chickens. I learned that the preferred term is "enslaved person."

Weird fact: 52% of the 1790's population of Williamsburg were enslaved.

Present day Colonial Williamsburg is by far more rustic than it actually was in the 1790s. Back then all the trees had been harvested between the York and James Rivers. Also there are limits to reenactment -- those in character dress still had to use flush toilets.

Despite my snark, I had an excellent time and my knowledge of those times was greatly expanded. I highly recommend this for anyone with even the mildest historic hankering.

Six and counting.

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