Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Parenting Tip - Find A Really Big Sandbox

Parenting? What parenting. Kids just like to play in sand.
A really big honkin' pile of sand
We returned from a family camping trip at Jessie Honeyman State Park. An excellent place made better by a great group of friends.

Good weather, food, and the opportunity to cast the kids free on bikes made for a first-rate experience.

The kids really enjoyed camping, probably because we ate some form of chocolate and marshmallows every night. Our current addiction is stuffing a banana with chocolate and marshmallow, wrapping it in foil and throwing it on the fire for a few minutes. Bravo!

Each time we go the kids are able to do more around the camp. Seeing them explore and play outside does this screen jockey proud.

A blast from the past.

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