Thursday, September 26, 2013

No Kids In Sight - Time To Celebrate Revolutionary China

I enjoy stamps with scenes of socialist realism and often get inspired by the utilitarian slogans. I would like to design my own. One idea is to have pictures of kids grinning ludicrously while brushing teeth, the slogan perhaps reading, "Fighting espionage with good oral hygiene!"
The kids are on an extended martial arts field trip and I am taking a break from my usual child-oriented posts and instead focusing on my mementos from China. Who can blame me?

First in a series of statuettes my mother gave me.

Although hard to see, this is a red velvet Mao and is a personal favorite.
I'm often asked about the spork (not really). Mao would most certainly approve. Why waste having two chopsticks when one spork will suffice?

Comrade Portdaddia: These were my student documents when I studied in Guilin during the Three Kingdoms Period. The bank note is an archaic Foreign Exchange Certificate, good only at Friendship Stores and the black market.

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