Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life Moves On And I'm Glad

As a consultant to imaginary businesses, I often emphasize focus on core interests. The son has taken this to heart and cut loose the toys that no longer work for him.
A while back the crew did a Family Room Inventory, where we took stock of what we had and put what we didn't need/want anymore in the garage. A significant pile of stuff soon took shape in the garage. And, no, it wasn't that painful, at least for me.

My mood soared with the toy clutter pushed back about three feet -- it felt like our living room grew by 15 percent.

The bookshelf did not go unnoticed.
Only in the first few days of owning the bookshelf was it ever so orderly.
I can easily let others be nostalgic for when our babes hucked stacking cups willy nilly, for I am pleased and delighted in how the offspring are turning out. Sure there are those Amazon charges for vodka and cigarettes that we need to unravel, but I suspect there is a quasi-plausible explanation.

Adding to the good feeling, a neighbor with young kids really enjoyed receiving the discarded toys.

Life has challenges everyday, but living without the following has a certain attractiveness:
  • Stepping on a stacking cup; 
  • Being told to pick up said cups; 
  • Asking, and being denied, privilege of destroying said cups with a ball-peen hammer;
  • Seeing kid happily playing with those god-awful stacking cups;
  • Being told with a look that if I mention the cups again things will be bad;
  • Finding a stacking cup each time the couch is moved.;
  • Receiving yet more information why stacking cups are so important for child development.


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