Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Despite Screen Addiction, The Kids Rock Large Vertical On Bikes

At the mention of a "mega-challenge" he said bring it! (This wasn't taken today as it was hot, hot, hot)
I take bikes seriously and I live in Portland, not because.

I want what's best for my kids, which, of course, means bikes, and plenty of them.

I have been perplexed why the kids don't choose to ride their bikes around the neighborhood more. But then again days like today come along and I realize I need to dig a bit deeper to find anything to complain about.

Late in the afternoon when the temperature hovered around 89 degrees I asked if my little screen babies were up for a "mega-challenge" on bikes. An unequivocal yes was the reply.

We then did about 800' vertical on roads close to our house in the hills.

A Tour de Triumph!


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