Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What Summer Is About #1

Fourth of July Parade: We live in America where one can call it like he sees it.
I returned from a nice week of vacation where I did all sorts of summery stuff. As I live in the over-earnest town of Portland, I will now commence to digest these experiences as blog posts.

July Fourth isn't necessarily the official start of summer, but in my book it is -- for the main reason that the weather can now be counted on to be pleasant, or too hot. I spent the holiday in Hood River where I witnessed the parade which had a full spectrum of civic clubs, talents, and temperaments.

I very much like the idea the man pictured above had something to say and brought it to the point where he made a placard and marched in the parade. I've heard that almost anybody can be in the parade if the $10 participation fee is paid.

The small town parade has a great feeling to it, all sorts of hot rodders, holy rollers, ski teams and dogs on surfboards can come together in celebration of America. The Hood River parade continues to be a great co-mingling of the community's different currents, complete with fire engines, a woman in a carrot suit, and the high school electric vehicle club.

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