Monday, July 15, 2013

Rock `n' Roll Camp For Girls

To those girls who rock, we salute you!

Rock `n’ Roll Camp for Girls was a great experience for our daughter (11), who in one week formed a band, wrote a song, created a band T-shirt, drew a zine, and totally blew the minds of all in attendance at a sold-out showcase at the Alberta Rose Theater. 

The camp, for girls 8-17, covered many aspects of the rock band experience – music lessons, self-defense classes, photo-shoots, and back-stage credentials, to name only a few.

I very much like the idea that there were no prerequisites for this camp, the girls didn’t need to know how to play an instrument or sing or even like rock music. All that was needed was an itch for self-expression, however defined. And express themselves they did. Here are a list of the bands and the songs showcased.

Flaming Angels “Lost Me”
Invisible Blobby Penguins “Natsu Tte Saiko (Summer is Awesome)”
The Mice Riding Fire Breathing Donuts “This is Rock `n’ Roll”
Neon Konverz “The Spark”
Bubble Creatures “Monsters In Space”
The Purple Firebreathing Monkeys “Purple Firebreathing Monkeys”
Queen Bee Sting “Neon Cola”
The E.N.D. (Epic Ninja Dragons) “I’m Still Me”
Spork “Summer”
Voyage “Changing Pathways”
Barefoot in a Bowtie “Raggedy Man”
Porta Party  “Escape from Llama Mall (The Palindrome Song)”
Captains of the Outcast “Hopeless”
Guilty Innocence “Stupid Little Crush”

The daughter was the guitarist for Queen Bee Sting and below are lyrics for her song:

Neon Cola
I’m just causing a radical scene
You’re so jealous you’ll never be the queen!
I don’t care what you say
You know what I’ll do
You better start to pray
`Cuz I’m out for you

I don’t want that old brown stuff
I don’t want the cola that lights it up
Neeeon, neon cola
It’s bright it’s fizzy
It makes me kind of dizzy
Neon cola, neon cola

Don’t start again
This is what you get
If you go on like this
You’ll be hated more than Boba Fett
So sick of your single watt mind
If you’re any slower
First grade will leave you behind

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