Friday, July 26, 2013

Strange Sights Indeed - The Empty Backpack

So much stuff can get stashed away and forgotten.
Part of the summer evaluation of our kids, gear, kids' gear, and our emotional ability to handle everything, we emptied our daughter's backpack.

Obviously we found all that had been lost, plus lots of hair clips.

More importantly, the daughter found a pocket she didn't even know existed -- and she's had the cavernous thing for over a year.

Even though it's still July, we're seeing the start of school racing towards us. Every year we think we're going to figure something out, arrange something so the outcome is better, but usually things remain the same.

No, but seriously, this year will be different, we're all going to be on our game and the backpack's contents will be known.

If not, well not the end of the world, I guess. I suppose it's better to have some mystery rather than a sanitized dystopia where the homework never disappears.

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