Saturday, November 27, 2021

Purrington's Cat Lounge

There's a coffee shop in Portland that has 6-8 cats running around inside. One makes a reservation, orders a beverage, and for 45 minutes can observe and interact with the cats (no picking up the critters is allowed).

This business operates in conjunction with the Cat Adoption Team, a quality shelter that we adopted Stuart from. 

If one goes to the cafe and likes a cat, all the usual screenings and requirements from Cat Adoption Team must be filled before the cat goes home. The result is that one cannot just have a beer at the cafe and come home with a cat. A cool down period, as it may be called, seems like a good idea.

Now that we are nutty cat people, it just makes sense to try out an environment with a significant number of cats.

The café idea is a good one as, according to the Instagram site, between 5-7 adoptions occur each week.

We're still believing that Stuart is the Best Cat Ever but interacting with him before adoption would have been nice.


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