Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Oxford English Dictionary named “vax” as 2021’s word of the year


What’s going on – a glossary (thanks WAPO!)

Anti-faxxer – referring to people who refuse to believe in facts (for instance, that masks and social distancing help protect people from the spread of the coronavirus).

Fauci ouchie — a phrase that refers to a vaccination against Covid-19.

Vaxcation or Vaxication – a vacation made possible by a brand-new vax card.

Vaxdar – a term derived from radar, referring to some people’s supposed ability to intuit whether an individual has been vaccinated.

Vaxinistas – a term for people who flaunt their vaccination status to the annoyance of others on social media.

Vaxxident – a traffic accident that results from the alleged side effects of getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Vaxxies — selfies taken while getting vaccinated.

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