Thursday, November 18, 2021

Let The Snow Fall

The traction tires have been deployed. I am getting organized with the noble thought of going skiing when conditions materialize. 

Sometimes I worry I take too much pleasure in sport. But then I ask myself, what is a more appropriate, dignified vessel for my interest? Stamp and coin collecting are stupid. The study of science and history are best left to the experts. 

So I'll wax up the boards and leave all the deep thinking until later.




  1. I started putting winter tires on my VWs years ago, and now have a set on smaller rims with narrower treads to sink deeper in the snow. The Jetta has yet to be stopped by snow higher than it's 4.9" ground clearance. This year I went further and put smaller rims and winter tires on the Jeep my daughter regularly drives concerned by frequent engagement of ABS and the general lack of grip.

    I have not gone downhill skiing since we lived in Switzerland. But started cross country skiing again when our daughter joined the Nordic Ski Team. I had to buy new skis to replace the ones I bought at Joe's Ski Shop in St. Paul. You were with me, and as I recall when we walked out of the store with new equipment you said something like "lesson learned, never go to a ski shop with a Norwegian."

    I always think of that when I go into a store that sells skis, and particularly a few weekends ago when we went to ski shop (and sauna store) in St. Paul, to get new pairs of skating and classic skis for the season.