Saturday, October 30, 2021

Fan Film: Monica’s Attorney Calls: Impeachment American Crime Story

Fred Melamed plays William Ginsberg, Monica Lewinski’s initial lawyer. 

Make-believe and play are often enhanced by technology. Such is the case with my fan film.

Fred Melamed, who plays William Ginsberg, Monica Lewinski’s initial lawyer, delivers a truly inspired performance. In the scene I depict I reprise his role to tell independent counsel Ken Star’s lackeys to go to hell.

In the first several episodes of Impeachment I became agitated at the different forces manipulating Monica Lewinski for their own purposes. It was gratifying to finally see serious pushback, by Fred Melamed, no less.

I find Fred’s character a role model for myself. I like to think Fred is a middle-aged Jewish man dipping into his own experience to play middle-aged Jewish men in television and movies.

Making the video was a fun escape from reality. Enjoy!


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