Saturday, October 9, 2021

Change is Difficult

Change is difficult, if not impossible, as nobody uses cash anymore. My life is such that the few transactions each month I do in cash stand out as oddities -- everything else is on the card or mobile payments. 

Parking in Portland has its own app (Parking Kitty). When I go to Hood River the parking meters accept coins, which I do not have, and I generally skip paying for parking. I do not like this as I am a follow-the-rules guy. 

Now the meters in Hood River are serviced by apps. I just installed ParkMobile and look forward to meeting my obligations.

I still have a small container on my shelf filled with change, but I've never remembered to bring the coins when I leave Portland. I used to stock my car with change and singles but I've given away that vehicle to a kid. 

I note the changes in my life and try and accept them with grace and equanimity.

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