Monday, October 19, 2020

Album review: Grease Cuck “Coronavirus Blues”


From the album: "Deranged, morbid, pure bread, pregnant, faggot"

Take early Black Flag, the Minutemen, add some Frankenstein parts from the Subhumans, Crucifucks and Feederz, and you’ve got Grease Cuck – the band that isn’t afraid to take itself seriously, or not – you decide, if you want to. Or not.

Grease Cuck’s first album, “Coronavirus Blues” is a timely statement to the degraded times we are living in. The songs have a refreshing variance between hurdy gurdy, thrashcore, guitar noodling croon, or full-on, blow out the pipes rage-a-saurus.

But the great thing about the Cuck is to expect the unexpected. Although there is a thematic emphasis on rage and disappointment, humor and a good-timey vibe infuse many of the songs. The title song “Coronavirus Blues” presents a bloviating worship of melancholy noodling on psychic overdrive, but is followed by “Beans” – where one can almost smell the flatulence, or the saucy humor, in this ribald ode to the humble legume.

Repetitive, undulating, hypnotizing. Riding with Grease Cuck is a surprising and awesome experience, elevating the noise and crank of all who suffer. “Covid Cream” and “Smoke Until I Fucking Die (Acoustic)” showcase the band’s talent for empathetic mockery of all who are oppressed.

If you want to be safe, Grease Cuck isn’t for you. But for those of us who are inclined to stomp on the accelerator for a wild ride, play it loud, play it proud.

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