Thursday, May 21, 2020

Social Distance On Snow

I remember hearing about restrictions on gatherings the first week in March. The next day I went skiing mid-week with a buddy. There were probably several thousand people on the mountain that day – not particularly crowded, but not to the standard of social distancing. I ate lunch well within six feet of others and rode a chair or two with strangers without face coverings.

A week later the ski resort closed and the reality of quarantine sank in.

The above is a parking permit for winter recreation. On Mt. Hood the ski resorts are built on Forrest Service land requiring the above permit.

I realized today that the permit in the car window was becoming a reminder of all the fun I missed as March is the peak of the season, so I took it down.

I’ve heard that a few western resorts opened for the last weekends in May – Mt. Hood Meadows not being one of them.

I put my skis away in April and dream of next year.

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