Sunday, July 14, 2019

Final Pictures From Oregon Cascades Explorer

Below is from the trip leaders:

Oregon Cascades Explorer checking in! We just got out of our last 6-day backcountry section of the trip! Boy was it fun.  While in the Deschutes National Forest, we submitted the South Sister, battled the mosquitos with positivity, and hiked nearly 40 miles over the course of the 6 days. We worked together as a group. We shared the chore of cooking meals in our cook crews, we split up tents and group gear and hiked in with everything that we needed, and we bonded like never before. The summit of the South Sister peak sits at over 10,500 feet of elevation. The summit experience was a highlight of the trip and an incredible way to wrap things up. Can’t believe we head home soon!

High Points?
G - I liked being allowed to make fires.
R - A chipmunk jumped on me
L - Skid down a 10,000 foot mountain on my feet
C - Skid down a 10,000 foot mountain on my butt
H - We backpacked 40 miles!
C - Got to be leader of the day 2 days in a row.
The kid - The view from the top of South Sister!

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