Monday, August 13, 2018

Art Therapy

Portland is a liberal place. This is well known. So well known, those who are not liberal travel here to bait progressives and, if the circumstances merit, punch them in the face.

There have been several incidents where the police were involved. The police often take the side of the aggressors, probably agreeing that no dirtbag bystander may disrespect someone with an American flag neckerchief. 

Many of those who show up here to praise Commandant Trump have trained in mixed martial arts, wear protective clothing and helmets, and feel disappointed if a day out yields no good fracas.  Lucky for them, there are anti-fascist groups here who apparently enjoy the fun of a street brawl.

These alt-righters are scary. To deal with my anxiety should I look too disagreeable as they pass, I’ve created the above artwork. The photo it is based on appeared in the local media.

In the photo the man wore pants. My artistic rendering is of the “the emperor has no clothes” variety. Already my anxiety has been lowered knowing I have this reference in my mind.

Sloths are out, rats are in.

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