Sunday, January 28, 2018

Outrageous Excellent Style For Winter 2018

Today I went for a walk sporting the above gear, looking dialed in for the soggy Northwest. A long time in coming with such color coordination so here's the breakdown.

1) Asics shoes work well for me, lucky this was the only color in my size and the style I wanted when I bought them last month;

2) Sealskinz gloves courtesy of Recumbent PDX. The store received these samples and I am the beneficiary. These are the finest winter cycling gloves I have ever worn by far. My hands may get wet in the hardest downpour, but they are always warm.

3) O'Neil Wetsuit trucker's hat. I bought this in Hood River's Windance Store a couple years ago when my interest in the color green was just starting.

4) I bought this yellowish-green Mountain Hardware puffy jacket two winters ago. I brought it home and was immediately criticized for being tasteless by the powers that be. Twice since passing strangers unprompted have complimented me on the color -- a personal record for any garment.

5) A few months ago I bought this Patagonia backpack. I wasn't pleased with the other colors and surfed into this one by default.

I suspect I have a subliminal preference for these colors which is why I am so well-put together today. 


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